Thursday, September 25, 2008


My first Attempts to use LINQ were breifly held back until I realised the beta version had slightly different functions availiable, the diffrences are outlined here. Add has been replaced by InsertOnSubmit and Remove by DeleteOnSubmit, becareful when looking at the example on the web, most were written using the beta release...

After this I found it was very easy to create a fully functional set of methods for Insert, Update and Get, (no Delete as it not required by the system).

DataContext objDB = new DataContext();

var temp = from hi in objDB.Help
where hi.Identifier == ID
select hi;

DataContext objDB = new DataContext();
Help temp = from hi in objDB.Help
where hi.Identifier == ID
select hi;

temp.Author = "Harry";

Help temp = new Help();
// Populate object to insert
DataContext objDB = new DataContext();

Obviously there is a little more to the work than this, but I won't repeat too much of what is already out there, for example: Scott Guthrie's Blog and The Linq Project.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Micorsoft remix 08 (Brighton)

A quick run-though of the Seminars I attended with some useful links and breif background.

Bill Buxton & Scott Guthrie

Bill Buxton gave a short talk on the importance of Design, why its important, what it can do for a business and who is good at it. Not just about having good designers, its about using them and using them at the right time (throughout the entire product lifecycle).

Scott Guthrie spoke on a number of subjects, Rich Internet Applications, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight 2 and some other related subjects.

Introduction To Silverlight 2 - Parts 1 & 2

Scott Guthrie

Scott Guthrie went through a two part Silverlight overview.

ADO.NET Data Services for the Web (a.k.a. Project Astoria)
Mike Flasko

Astoria / ADO.NET Data Services read all about it... more posts to follow

Visual Studio Tips and Tricks
Sara Ford

21 tips and tricks from Sara's Blog, (her remix post). Many tips and tricks can be found here, look out for Incremental Search, Box Selection, disable the copy/cut action when on a blank line, Snippets, Trace Points and Macros... and more.

Look out for the Tip of the Gadget (for Vista users).

Understanding the ASP.NET Model View Controller
Scott Guthrie

Scott Guthrie gave an overview of
MVC, examples are availiable on his blog.

MVC is an alternative to and not a replacement for Web Forms.

I'll let you read it about MVC, very interesting...

ASP.NET Front End Performance
Chris Hay

Check out Chris' Blog for details, and I will be posting another entry just on this seminar.

Instant Messenging - Your route to millions
Dr Neil Roodyn

Not quite what I expected, but there may be someone interested out there.

The Windows Live Messenger Library can be used to add Messenger functionailty to your site, there are sufficient examples and detail on line, I wont bore you with any more details.

Design wIth Microsoft Expression
Arturo Toledo
An overview of what can be done with some of the
Microsoft Expression family, mainly demos and examples. Presentation slides done with Deep-Zoom and examples/assets used should be on the web. In Arturo's Blog there is an entry with the slides from remix.

20/20 Talks
Many people...
20 slides, 20 seconds a slide, a challenge for many people, featuring: "20 tips, 20 seconds a tip" (Sara Ford ), the Silverlight 2 "20 Sliders, 20 seconds a slider"


(not a seminar)

A little display in the conference, will be looking into this a little more, loads of fun with digital photos.

LINQ - Language Integrated Query language

(used in examples)

LINQ to SQL and LINQ to XML - quick and efficinet data access, again more posts relating to this will appear soon.

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